Sara Pascoe

Sara Pascoe

Did you know?

Driving a taxi can make your brain bigger. ‘Doing the Knowledge’, learning all of the roads to become a London Black Taxicab driver, enlarges a part of your brain called the hippocampus. Use it and improve it.

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School Workshops

The Power of 'Story'

The Roots of Stories

Why are stories so powerful? Does gossip serve any real purpose? Who told the first stories?

Stories Synchronise Our Brains:

  • When we get engrossed in a story, our brains match the activity of the story teller.
  • The more we like the story, the  more we match our brain activity.

Stories Transmit Information–Automatically:

  • You are more likely to remember new information when it is part of a story.
  • Inventing a story, with facts you just learned, helps you remember them.

Stories Help Society:

  • When characters in a story solve a problem, we learn that problem-solving skill, too.
  • Health outcomes improve in places where TV and radio characters act in healthy ways.

Go, Brain, Go

Know Your Loaf, You Only Get One

This is a fun, interactive, presentation—including a life-sized, anatomically correct, strawberry flavoured brain jelly! Learn how music strengthens the brain, how taxi cab drivers grow bigger ones, and why you can’t tickle yourself. Hundreds of children have seen this presentation which helps them safeguard their grey (and white) matter throughout their lives.


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