Sara Pascoe

Sara Pascoe

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Getting in the groove, includes our brains. When we play music together, we co-ordinate our brain activity, both before we start and throughout the song!


Being a Witch and Other Things I Didn't Ask For

It’s a rollercoaster plot with gorgeous historical detail and fabulous characters…I think people will really take to thoroughly modern Ratchet and her adventures. Magical.


Tania Findlay, The Sun, London

The story belongs to Raya, who is a cross between Harry Potter and Lisbeth Salander (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). She is equal parts strong and insecure, and her awakening is perhaps the most humanizing part of Pascoe’s tale…[It’s] a marvelous read and should appeal to all ages.

An imaginatively written time-slip novel, …Its underlying message of love, loyalty and friendship is nicely explored and strongly focused…The historical element sits comfortably and there is enough action to keep interest alive until the end.

Full of adventure, drama, fantasy, history, friendship, self-discovery, humour and a really fun read…I cannot wait to read more of Sara’s work and joining Raya on more journeys

Oswald, the Almost Famous Opossum

Through hilarious misadventure and camaraderie, Oswald the Opossum’s obsessive pursuit of fame brings him something even better. Told in the language of both Animal and human, splendid illustrations bring to life Oswald’s quest and the friends and family who accompany him.


Laurel Ferris, Parenting Consultant and Guardian ad Litem, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Oswald, The Almost Famous Opossum is a beautiful story that takes the reader on a journey of self discovery and friendship. Showing us that no matter your size or species with a bit or determination and help from your friends anything is possible. A truly great read for children.


Katie Pilcher, Primary School Teacher, Melbourne , Australia

If you know a young reader who loves animals and enjoys entering a rich world of adventure, than try “Oswald, the Almost Famous Possum.” Joey and Oswald are especially endearing. Language and style never play down to the young reader, who can learn a lot about human and animal nature as the story unfolds.


Sheila Lewis, curriculum writer, tutor, and Creator, JJP Book Clubs, New York City, USA