Sara Pascoe

Sara Pascoe

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Witchcraft is practiced by both women and men.  It was believed for the longest time that witchcraft was mostly a female activity. But there are male counterparts of witches as well, mostly referred to as wizards, warlocks or sorcerers.

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Sabrina Dastardly’s Blog from the Future

Sabrina, living in the 2070’s in what used to be Chicago, has her live turned upside down when her best friend’s boyfriend is murdered and she’s the top suspect. In proving her alibi she unwittingly uncovers a government cover-up where the bad guys only play for keeps. And this was supposed to be the better tomorrow.

We are Not Donuts

‘Fabulous Phyllis’ the famous TV psychic is a fake, draining the power from all those around her including her special witch’s familiar, the cat, Oscar. In order to fulfil her drive to be Prime Minister, she tries to soften her hard-edged image by fostering a mute teenaged boy –‘No talking back!’ But it turns out the boy, Praesutagus (Pete) is a time-traveller from the tribe of the great woman warrior, Boudica who sacked the Romans. Now who has the upper hand?

Ratchet, the Reluctant Witchratchet-thumb

Ratchet, the Reluctant Witch is the original edition of Being a Witch, and Other Things I Didn’t Ask For. This is the same page-turning story about Rachel who’s sick of living in foster care, and runs away, only to find out she’s a witch with the strange habit of time-travelling — by accident. For a limited time, you can get a free copy of this original edition! Send me a message on

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